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[Wednesday July 20th, 2005 10:51pm ♥]

Check out flirty_girl
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[Wednesday March 30th, 2005 1:17pm ♥]

Wow no one posts in here!!!

My durty deed of the month would probably be..

sneakin out with Matt & Chris while they smoked... saw Matt's dick even though im still with louie..

then on friday i was @ louies house spendin the nite... he fingered me on the couch and i gave him head while his sister was sleepin on the other couch..g2g

[Monday February 7th, 2005 6:46pm ♥]



durtii_deeds of mine 0:] [Tuesday January 11th, 2005 5:35pm ♥]

[ mood | hmm... ]

Ok well.. yea ive done durtii_deeds...everyone has... but i guess ill write about past stuff since i havent really done anything durtii recently...

Well i have a boyfriend in Maryland.. i live in Florida...yea sounds stupid but its so0 much more than that...we currently have been goin out for a Year and a month.. but ive cheated on him more than ive told him... nothing more than makinout with other guys but ya kno its hard... and yea i feel horrible...

Luke- he was a goOd friend of mine when i started goin out with my boyfriend.. then when me and my boyfriend started fightin bout some chick he was pickin up @ a wrestling tournament..i got pissed...and luke started to like me and i sorta liked him back...first time he kissed me i kissed back and then i stopped because i realized what i was doing...but things got further... we were basically friends with benefits because we couldnt go out...but everyone knew there was something up..we were always together... and i liked the attention... it stopped right be4 summer but started up a lil again @ the beginnin of schoOl... and then stopped...he was an asshole.. MAJOR!!

Zach- i met him on a cruise.. he seemed coOl and i was diggin him...along with other guys on tha cruise... i was one of the prettiest teens on tha boat so i had all the guys attention... but of course most of them saw me and Zach together all tha time... cuz he was a coOl person.. someone that i was comfortable around..and @ nite in alaska on tha cruise when all the boys wanted me 2 go up on the deck with them...i made Zach carry me on his back because it was freezing and i mean it was alaska... plus he was like 6 foot sumthing so it was sweet... he was dared 2 kiss me and stuff went from there... last nite we stayed up till bout 4 or 5 Seattle Time.. layin by the indoor pool and watchin the sun rise over seattle... i wish i had a digi back then...that view was gorgous.. then i went 2 bed although he didnt want me 2...we still talk online :] hes a coOl kidd..lives in the same state as my boyfriend... yikes!

Matt- he was a junior in highschool when i met him and i was just a freshman...i met him @ a carnival and we didnt talk till he called me and my friend... he didnt say anything till he was drivin next 2 us on our way home and he started being a goOf and showin off his muscles...my friend Jackie had my mom yell her cell number out the window cuz she figured Matt wanted her... Matt was the first guy that wanted me instead of Jackie... i met him be4 me and my boyfriend started goin out..and the weekend b4 i went 2 see my boyfriend and the weekend b4 i had my first kiss...i basically blew off Matt tryin 2 kiss me because i wanted my boyfriend to be.. but even after i started goin out wit my b/f i hungout wit Matt...it wasnt till the summer of 04 when i madeout with him..and i cant say i didnt want it...i live right by a movie theater and he said he was goin that i should come..so i did..and near the end of the movie he started actin all funny.. i was wonderin wat was up with him..cuz he was first ticklin me just 2 get his arm around me and then just left it there and held my hand...then he layed his head on my shoulder and i didnt kno what else 2 do... when i was leavin i asked them(Matt & his friend if they could walk me 2 my street which is a block away).. and Matt gave his friend the keys and said that he would bring me... then we walked and as we were walkin out some girls started lookin @ me and he put his arm around me... then he walked me home and was all like o0o im glad u didnt walk home cuz u coulda gotten raped.. and then we started talkin @ the end of my street...and he was kinda holdin me or w/e and then outta no where he kissed me..and we just started makin out.. and then he left... then i saw him the next weekend but it was akward cuz his friend was there and wanted 2 go find some chicks... he calls me when he doesnt have a girlfriend... i dont mind...hes hott as hell :]

Alan- haha i was at another carnival and he like grew up with my friends... well i thought he was cute or w/e was being a flirt and w/e with him... basically being a hoe like everyone else there.. and i madeout with him cuz it was kinda pressured.. although he wasnt the best kisser..more like swallowed my face..haha.. but yea my friend was like u 2 makeout already...and of course he was being a pussy...so i just kissed him..

and i told my b/f about me and luke...and i sorta told him about matt and Zach..cuz i said Zach tried 2 kiss me but didnt succeed...wrong... and i said matt kissed me and i pushed away....wrong again.. i do feel guilty...but i need attention 2 ya kno...

uh and wat do i do...my guy friend kevin is so0 friggin hott..but of course he doesnt even tell me wat he thinks of me cuz i have a boyfriend... grrr...it bites the bigg one...



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